Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva Sabina DOPExtra Virgin Olive Oil, is a result of a long and harder work; for this reason not all olive oils are the same!

Frantoio Casali's high quality products ensue from a constant wholehearted, following the rules "Quality" and not "Quantity".

Fruit of a thousand-year experience, is obtained with olive of kinds : Carboncella, Leccino, Raja, Frantoio, handpicked from the trees and cold squeezed, without artificial modification or chemical additive.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Thanks to this harder and constant work, is possible to obtain an unique product:

its gold yellow colour with green reflex, its unmistakable smell of olive and his light, make of this product a precious and non replaceable good in the mediterranean diet.

The mild climatic position, never very cold or warm, assure an optimal condition for the plants and fruits to reach an excellent taste, and a grade of acidity extremely low (<0,2%).

Many studies confirm moreover the numerous beneficial nutritional property of the extra virgin olive oil, rich of vitamins and, To, K, D that have property anti-oxidants and protecting effect on the cells of the organism. The contained fat acid elevated one Monounsaturated represents in fact the element symbol of the oil of olive regarding the other fat people of origin vegetable.

The presence of these elements anti-oxidants renders the extra virgin olive oil particularly important for our health. In fact, is scientifically verified that its constant I use favors a lowering of bad cholesterol (LDL) and a contextual elevation of that one "good" (HDL) helping to prevent the cardiovascular diseases and the arteriosclerosis.

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