Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva Sabina DOP


Born in 1959, Frantoio Casali agricultural company, is located in San Polo di Tarano (Rieti) in the heart of Italy, under the Tuscany and over Rome.




Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva

Frantoio Casali company is a  family-run business; the experience and the knowledge in olive oil production acquired in more than 40 years hand down to generation to generation.

The area of production is well know all around the world as "Olio DOP Sabina", Reg. CEE n.1263/96 (GUCE L. 163/96 del 02.07.1996).

The fields where our product comes from has an extension of 100 ha, fully cultivated at olives trees.

We have absolutely care to don’t give or use any chemical additive or products on our plants, all in the respect of a millenary tradition and experience in olive tree cultivation of this region.


Frantoio Casali's oil mill use advanced tools and machinery that are engineered to keep all the quality characteristic of oil, transforming the fruit into an high quality product.

You are welcome if you would to book a visit to our company and region;

the production time in general starts in the middle of October to end in February or March, depend from season to season.




During this time is possible to see all the process, from the pickup of the fruits to their processing for obtain the final result, and of course to test it!

The summer or spring are also very good time to visit our land, where all scents and colors express their maximum wandering.

The landscape and the scenario is very near of the wonderful and well famous Toscana’s hills, and not so faraway there’s Rome, with his many monuments and things to see.

If you would have more information or you are interested to visit us, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Frantoio Casali ® Via P. Tiburzi 45, San Polo di Tarano - Rieti - Italy Tel. +39 0765 608052